My Advice to Rahul Gandhi


You must be wondering why i wrote this article. It is almost akin to kicking a dead horse. Its been a little more than 10 years since Rahul Gandhi joined active politics, but hasn’t achieved anything worth mentioning yet. Since i had time to kill, i wondered if given the opportunity, what i would advise Rahul Gandhi.

1. Lead from the front in parliament

Rahul Gandhi scored one of the biggest self-goals in his political career by running away when it mattered the most. He should have been the face of the party opposing the land acquisition bill in parliament; a bill which he was most passionate about and held strong views against. Instead, he went on a holiday to ‘Introspect’.
For an MP, no better platform to put your political opponents on the mat and boost the morale of a party facing an existential crisis. Sonia Gandhi’s new found aggression clearly depicts that the party workers are yearning for a strong leader to guide them. Sadly for Rahul, he isn’t being missed.
2. Social media Bandwagon

In the age of digital media and communication, you cannot afford to live in a bubble. Elections are slowly getting driven by personalities and we are witnessing a presidential style of contest. So, he needs to hop onto the social media bandwagon and present his views. How does he expect people to vote for him when they have no idea what his views are on various issues. Since he gets the most flak from this platform, he should take it up as a challenge. Indulge in debates, face criticism and learn to swallow the bitter pill. It is only with mistakes that you improve.
3. Get rid of the sycophants

When you have too many people shielding you from reality, you end up as Rahul Gandhi. At 44, if you are called a ‘Young’ leader, then that is a cause for concern. I don’t think i have ever seen a more horrible set of advisers circling a politician. They should immediately be given a one way ticket to Antarctica.
4. Enough of the disappearing acts

Rahul Gandhi has become notorious for his disappearing acts. He is like a tease, who’ll start something and run away leaving the rest (including the media), high and dry. A classic example would be the Gandhi scion announcing in 2011, that Uttar Pradesh is his ‘karmabhoomi‘. After the 2012 debacle in the U.P. assembly elections, he took up the responsibility for the defeat but since then, never really worked on developing and grooming the state organizational unit.
5. Focus on your constituency

During the run up to the 2014 General Elections, Modi had Gujarat as a show-reel. What did Rahul Gandhi have? He couldn’t even develop his own constituency i.e. ‘Amethi’ in 10 years. How on earth does he then expect people to entrust him with the responsibility of governing the country? Politics is a 24×7 job. Had he not been from the Gandhi family, he wouldn’t have been re-elected even as a Corporator. Start small. Focus on one area and build from there. .

All this advice might come across as an exercise in futility. I don’t blame you. Rahul Gandhi may indeed be incorrigible. May be i am so desperate to see a worthy political competitor to Narendra Modi, that somewhere i am rooting for even a person like Rahul Gandhi to rise to the occasion.

Before you bash me as a ‘Modi-Hater’ or ‘Anti-Modi’ or ‘Congress Chamcha’ or ‘Sickular’, let me share with you why i am longing for a worthy opposition in parliament. Its because I want the incumbent government to not take things for granted, curb their hubris and work towards fulfilling their promises.


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