Finally, Prime Minister Modi lent his views to the world, on the growing instances of communal violence plaguing our country. In an election rally in Bihar, he strongly condemned the politicians indulging in communal acts and adviced people not pay attention to them. He also requested the nation to maintain communal harmony and spread brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims. He struck all the right chords. He spoke the words, which the country was yearning to hear from him for months.

However, being the skeptic that I am, I can’t help but question the timing and the motivation behind his statements. The Prime Minister chose to speak 10 days after the Dadri Lynching. He chose to touch upon this issue during his fourth and finally rally of the day. Why didn’t he feel the need to enlighten the masses, who attended his first three rallies? Was it just for the media and the TV cameras? Plus, One can’t just ignore the Bihar elections angle.

I know I’ll be criticized on the lines of “Oh but you will say this regardless of when he makes these statements” and “You want to criticize the prime minister just for the sake of it.” Let’s not forget, here is a Prime Minister who has never in the last 15 months openly criticized his party members for spreading communal hatred or making communally charged statements. Not even a tweet assuring or comforting the minorities.

But if Prime Minister Modi’s statements are not politically driven, then I wholeheartedly welcome it. Somewhere hidden inside me is a tiny optimist who wants this to be true and genuine. Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction. If in the future we get to witness a Dadri like incident, then it would mean that either the Prime Minister was not sincere in his statement or that the fringe elements within his party do no respect his words.


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